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Kufstein City
39.45 km2
N47°34' / E12°07'
sea level:
499 m
time zone:
UTC+1 (DST Apr-Oct)
Euro (€) = 100 cent
emergency call:

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Kufstein Sylvester 2003/2004

The Nanga Parbat Research Camp

by Mike Gendreyzig, 2004

An ironic persiflage of the international new year party 2003/2004 above Kufstein city, consisting of thirteen friends from Japan, Argentina, Romania, Persia and of course Germany.

sledging group
Sledging group
at Aschenbrenner track

Dating back to 1995, a group of nuts mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists started trying to experience the reason behind the ever returning New Year event in the Austrian Galaxy, the so called "Sylvesternacht". Those days the 12 or so researchers initiated the Sylvester Group, mainly consisting of members of the Biking Monk Adventists, a prehistoric researchers group with alcoholic tendencies. Raising funds started in autumn and quickly the group elected its organizational chief Dr. F. Andi, the pool dog (German: badische Frockl, der). First destination to experience the ecliptic resonance in the Austrian valleys was Innsbruck, capital city of mountainous state Tyrol, one of the best environments to study the Sylvesternacht and to enjoy its chaotic systems (see [McGreg96]).

Kufstein fortress
Winterly Kufstein Fortress


From then on year after year the scientists packed all their important gears and equipment, including light beams, Chinese exploring sondes, transport gliders (German: Figl, der), and in late December took off to the southern edge of earthen cosmos in order to teleport to the far side of Austrian space. The experiments went so successful and unearthed such marvelous results, that scientists became famous over night. The news of their rock-shaking fundamental theories spread all over their home continent. The assembly of Sylvester researchers grew by a couple of volunteers, on the other hand some of the former founders went their own way to experience the global spectacle at other locations, like Bavarian capital of Munich, Mt. Mitakesan at the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan or just beyond the Austrian galaxy in the South Tyrolian spheres of the Pasta Cosmos. But for the core of the group, Innsbruck remained the center of fundamental research.

First in 2002 the mutual destination changed to the city of Salzburg, to explore the fusion of Sylvesternacht with the spirit of famous composer W. A. Mozart. This was a big movement in the history of the research group. The world needed much wider scaled results of Sylvester investigations, so nobody could stop that constitutional amendment, which in the end led to last year's decision to raise tents again at another new place: Kufstein, Tyrol.

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