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Info China
~ 1300 mio.
9,560,779 km2
time zone:
1 Yuan (kuai) = 10 Jiao (mao) = 100 Fen
emergency call:
(Fire) 119, (Police) 110, (Ambulance) 120

China Eastern Airlines
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The Mighty Dragon

by Mike Gendreyzig

China map Yeah! Go see it, if you want to get the right impression. People can tell a lot about China, but you first feel the special rhythm, when you put your foot on the dusty roads of Shanghai, hang your nose in the tasty smell of noodle shops and sleep in the same rudimentary cabins on Huangshan as natives of average income do. Riding train on hard seat also brings you closer to the real life, the life of most of the people who can afford traveling. Otherwise you will be sticked to the snooty and irrespective people who are kicking at those below and therein they are in no way inferior to Westerners.
Even if you don't want to discover China on your own, just exploring this land of rich culture by joining a safe and effective tourist group, this report of my

Shanghai trips in 1998 and 1999

can give you some impressions beforehand, what you can expect, how you are treated, but bare in mind: countries are different, people are different and especially among one another they differ! Make a side trip from the big cities Beijing or Shanghai, right to the roots, which Mao propagated about 50 years ago: see also the country side, feel the aura of the other world inside China.

Good luck for your trip to mainland China, Mike.

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