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Mike's Travel Stories

by Mike Gendreyzig, 1996-2004

Welcome Traveller!

I am a travel enthusiast, interested in many different cultures, absorbing new ideas of people all around the world. Since many years I am collecting information of selected countries and by visiting them I am not only gathering experiences and feel the local atmospheres. Additional I am capturing tourist places and at most public life on photos, another big hobby of mine.

Last century more and more people got the freedom to travel fast and easy to nearly every point on earth. And prices became affordable to each kind of budget, at most to backpack trips for the indivdual and low budget oriented folks. As I want to get closer contact to the native people and budget was not very high, I am more that kind of traveler. And in my opinion sharing experiences is the best way to reduce costs, organize trips besides the big tourist trails and to get more up-to-date and accurate information.

These were the main reasons to put my travel reports on the web. Dive into my stories and feel the atmosphere, you can also experience at those locations. Additional facts, links, tips and a collection of travel equipment make it to a valueable source maybe for your next trip, or just as cheap virtual journey. Enjoy it and don't hesitate to send your comments to me to improve these sites.

Every unauthorized use of these reports, photos, illustrations and also parts of it is prohibited.

Yours, MIKE.

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pages:     1
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