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Land of the Rising Sun

by Mike Gendreyzig, 2000-2003

Japan map There is no bigger myth than the myth of Japan. The thought of the land of Geishas, Samurai and perfect reproduction still haunts Westerner's mind. But the land of the rising sun is far beyond that point of development. Though perfectionism is a typical characteristic of this region Japan is also leading in many fields of science and technology. The fastest mass transportation with Shinkansen (express trains) or robot industry are only some examples.
The inglorious history about 50 years ago has still effects in the present. But the US-American penetration and irresponsible atomic bombing has not erased the independence and uniqueness of the symbiosis of tradition and progress. Delicious food like sushi, shabu-shabu or mochi, the variety of entertainment in restless Tokyo, Shintoism and the bizarre Japanese gardens have no equal on the world.
As being a country consisting only of islands the isolation is a main reason of rumors. And even internet has not still perfected the global communication with Japan.
In the meantime it seems I got adicted to Japan, spending there big vacation the third time in a row. MIKE.

October 2000: Beautiful Autumn: spending four exciting weeks in Western Japan, from Tokyo to Nagasaki.
January 2002: Okayama no benkyou: intensive Japanese language course in beloved Okayama city
June/July 2003: Tanjoubi 30: six weeks of birth day party all across Japan, hiking on Hokkaido and snorkeling around Okinawa.
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