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Travel Equipment


by Mike Gendreyzig, 2000-2003

The cheapest accommodation is the own tent, not preferred by everyone. But sometimes there is no other alternative for sleeping under the moonlight. I am the proud owner of Big Pack's Startrek 2, unfortunately no more available. It is easy to build up by only two hands in just a few minutes and suits two persons (not spacious enough for additional bigpacks, which can be stowed under the tiny canopy. The shape reminds to an alien spaceship, as it has a semicircular front entrance and tappers off. The twelve pegs and three poles are made of fiberglass, reducing the weight to 2.5kg.

Preparing meals outdoor is no problem with the MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Whisperlight Internationale 600, as far as you have the right ingredients. Fuel can be white gas (AUS: shellite), kerosene (GB: paraffin), diesel and automobile gas (GB/AUS: petrol). Net weight (stove only): 360g.

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