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Name: Michael Gendreyzig Mike at Shanghai Metro City
Nicks: Mike, Genny, Mikey
Age:27 (13-Jun-1973)
Height:185cm (6'1'')



1983-1992 Max-Planck Grammar School Munich,
'A' Level
1992-1999 Technical University Munich,
Study of Mathematics (minor Computer Science),
Master thesis about 3D-Graphic Visualization of Satellite Orbits

Knowledge of Language:

German mother tongue
English fluent in oral and written form
Mandarin basic knowledge
French basic knowledge
Japanese beginner

Study accompanying Activities:

1993-1994 Seminar about Mathematical fundamentals of Coding Theory
1995 Seminar about Cryptology: RSA-procedure
1995-1996 Practical course about Methods of Artifical Intelligence/Neuronal Networks: RBF- and HBF-Networks
1995-1996 Seminar about Fuzzy-Systems: Representation of Knowledge with Hypergraphs
1998 Practical thesis about Representation of Sonar Data

Programming Skills:

Languages: C/C++ (Visual C++, gcc), Power Builder, Fortran, Pascal, Modula-2, IDL, perl, shell-scripts, Basic
Libraries: Open Inventor (TGS), MFC, PFC
Documentation: LaTeX, HTML/CSS, Together Professional, SGML, MS Word
OS/Platforms: Windows NT/Intel, Windows 95-98/Intel, Unix/HP, Linux/Intel, VMS/DEC, SunOS/Sun, Irix/SGI, Unix/DEC Alpha
Database: SQL, CFML


Work Experience:

1994-1995 PC-Welt, IDG Magazines Publishing Improver
1994-1996 Department of Informatics, TU Munich Administrator of LEO Amiga-Archive
1994-1995 Department of Informatics, TU Munich Assistant of lecture "Document processing"
since 1994 Department of Informatics, TU Munich Assistant maintainer of LEO German-English Dictionary
1995-1997 Department of Informatics, TU Munich Programming advisor
1995 Flight Mechanics/Performance, Dornier Luftfahrt, Oberpfaffenhofen Internship about 3D-Visualization of Bearing of Aircraft Do 328
1995-1996 Department of Electronic and Information Technology, TU Munich System administrator
1996 Flight Test, Fairchild/Dornier, Oberpfaffenhofen Fortran transformation
1997-1998 Travel, Internet Travel Agency Web design and search
1997 Flight Mechanics/Performance, Fairchild/Dornier, Oberpfaffenhofen Fortran transformation
1998 Dornier Satellitensysteme, Friedrichshafen Master thesis about 3D-Graphic Visualization of Satellite Orbits
1999 KPMG Deutschland, Munich Internship about actuarial database system and Information Risk Management
since 2000 Electronic Business, Siemens Business Services, Munich Internet Engineer, Web Management

Extracurricular Activities:

1994-1998 Chief editor of Impulsiv, student paper, TU Munich
1995 Organisation of TUM art exhibition
1996-1997 Guest in the Council of Center of Mathematics, TU Munich
1996 Founding of a Software Engineering company


Dish: (hot) Chinese food
Music: Rap, Hip-Hop and Reggae
TV: Married with Children
Traveling: Asia and South Pacific
Sports: Basketball, Baseball, Billiards, or in winter tobogganing
Hobby: Photography and painting in oil
Actors: Gong Li, Amanda Langlet
Singer: Valen Hsu


Oct 1998 "Repräsentation von Sonardaten" (Representation of Sonar Data), Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum
Sep 1998 3D-Grafik-Visualisierung von Satellitenbahnen (3D-Graphic Visualization of Satellite Orbits), thesis
Jul 1998 Impulsiv W60, journal
Nov 1997 Impulsiv 59, journal
Jun 1997 Impulsiv W58, journal
May 1997 Impulsiv 57, journal
Nov 1996 Impulsiv 56, journal
Jun 1996 Impulsiv W55, journal
May 1996 Impulsiv 54, journal
Dec 1995 RBF- und HBF-Netze (RBF- and HBF-Networks), practical course paper
Nov 1995 Impulsiv 53, journal
Jul 1995 Das RSA-Verfahren (RSA procedure), seminar paper
Jun 1995 Impulsiv W52, journal
May 1995 Impulsiv 51, journal
Feb 1995 Impulsiv 50, journal
Feb 1992 Die Hyperbelfunktionen (The Hyperbola Functions), A-level thesis

Michael Gendreyzig, 1994-01-14, 2000-07-18