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Kufstein City
39.45 km2
N47°34' / E12°07'
sea level:
499 m
time zone:
UTC+1 (DST Apr-Oct)
Euro (€) = 100 cent
emergency call:

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Festung Kufstein
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Old Kufstein
Nanga Parbat
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Kufstein Sylvester 2003/2004

The Nanga Parbat Research Camp, Part II

by Mike Gendreyzig, 2004

mountain summits

The Nanga Parbat

This year's expedition 2003 was supported by heavy weight scientists like Tica R. Ero from famous Romania Instituta da Sylvesterium and venerable professor K. Tomoki from Okayama Shilbesuta no Daigaku. Even last year's newcomer R. Claudi travelled the long way from her Institutas Argentinas della Compostella par Esylvestras to join the outrageous research. Results of last year were not unequivocal and clear as the previous years, so the organizational chief recommended Kufstein as the camp to investigate the higher spiritual powers around that region, just a few light seconds north of the old camp site in Innsbruck. The Tyrolian locals and Sherpas should bring the group much closer to their expected target, than the neighboring Salzburger folks even allowed. But the mood of gold rush of Sylvesternacht prevented the group of erecting their tents at the base camp as it was booked out and without license it was impossible to start research. So the only solution was to use the old, but bewildered route straight to the top of Aschenbrenner Summit, Kufstein's Nanga Parbat. Discussions started on the bulletin board of practicability or equipment quality at the peak's research laboratory. And finally 8 members cancelled their participation, some for reasons of reduced research budgets, others on health grounds even two newly founded delegations wanted to explore different continental sites.

Aschenbrenner mountain hut
Aschenbrenner Mountain Hut

Kufstein 2003

Finally 13 expedition members with their proven moon crafts found the way to Kufstein. Already 60 hours before the galaxy wide event the vanguard with expert for non-goofity (Mono-Regularity) Prof. h.c. K. Tomoki, neuronal technologist R. Marlis, Sharif's famous Doctor of Philosophical Electronics E. Mach-Point and at last chief editor G. Mike arrived at the biggest outdoor laboratory. The Northern Research Group, consisting of K. Dietmar and long missed H. Alex, was late, so the four began their study in snowy Scheffau, just 15 min. south of Kufstein. Artificial snow was produced to cool down temper of the already close eruptions. Conditions were fairly good compared to last years warm climate. Only missing x-ray protecting gear prevented G. Mike from bathing on white powdered grounds like E. Mach-Point preferred to practice. Prof. K. Tomoki could adapt from the left-winding to the rarely seen right-driven environment very fast and all enjoyed the early expedition. They also tried the renowned Tyrolian cuisine, like Nice Dumpling, Soup of Dove's Bud and Sabine-Weisser Yoghurt.

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