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Kufstein City
39.45 km2
N47°34' / E12°07'
sea level:
499 m
time zone:
UTC+1 (DST Apr-Oct)
Euro (€) = 100 cent
emergency call:

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Festung Kufstein
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Nanga Parbat
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Kufstein Sylvester 2003/2004

The Nanga Parbat Research Camp, Part III

by Mike Gendreyzig, 2004

fire works
Presylvester fire work
above Kufstein, 2003

Presylvester Party

As Kufstein's climax was predicted one day earlier (30th of last month of solar year) than any other place, other expedition members joined the team at night: veteran McGreg, newby Tica R. Ero and L. Urs from nearby Kiefersfelden camp. After a relaxing dinner in a Greek tavern near the city center, the lab manager M. Aschenbrenner picked up the eight-headed troupe with his Landrover, including 200 kg of baggage. The ride was long and exciting, people were crammed together. Sometimes the vehicle was sharply cutting the edge of the steep road. No way back. The darkness around was only broken by the piercing front lights. Relief spread amongst the passengers, as soon as the illuminated mountain hut appeared through the thick forest. The nice hosts welcomed the scientists at their target and they stand a round of plum schnapps. At the end of the day everybody slept well in one's warm bed, hundreds of meters above the calm town of Kufstein.

Fire work above
the Kufstein fortress

The next day started with a nice breakfast served by the kitchen pixy Hermine, bringing more delight to the soul than Loriot's noodle phantom. One group of five went down the 5.5 km long toboggan run, where the breathtaking team breaksman Tomoki and pilot Mike made it under 20 minutes on the sharp bent and icy track. While still the others at the mountain hut dreamt from solving Fermat's unknown theorm the early group went skiing in Hochfügen in the lovely Zillertal with plenty of real natural snow - it was worth riding the long and twisted slopes up the mountain. Lunch break consisted of Emperor's Nonsense and Mountain weadow musician.

After sunset, when returning to Kufstein, the streets around the crowded city center were blocked. About 12,000 Sylvester fellowers were at town, the cheering and live music could be still heard far away and smell of draft beer and grilled sausage filled the air. Marlis could organize 12 of the remaining tickets to enter the jammed upper and lower market place. The first bottles of champagne were emptied. Recently arrived tour members B. & H. Pick and F. Jan returned from Nanga Parbat lab and joined the group for an Italian dinner. Outside at lower market place Dj's at the turn tables heated the shivering crowds. The upper market crowd couldn't even move, crammed together listening to the talent on stage, copying everybody from Elvis to Robbie.

With a big thunderbolt the midnight of Sylvester was welcomed, bright fire works enlighted the nightly sky. It was a cheerful atmosphere. Only the way back up to the camp at the top of the mountain were exhausting. Clouds prevented even the reflecting light of the waxing moon to illuminating the mountain track. After 1 hour 15 Mach-Point, Mike and Tomoki knocked on the mountain hut at first. And the rest of the group somewhen afterwards also falled into their beds. Still one day left in 2003 ...

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